Mattiussi Ecologia is the firm that has changed the way containers and integrated systems for sorted waste collection are designed, introducing innovative products onto the market and focusing on the concept of waste as a new resource.
For more than thirty years we have been at the forefront in the development and production of innovative solutions for people and the environment, designing and producing presorting containers and systems, making use of valuable collaborations with successful designers, and favouring the use of recycled primary materials in its production processes.
Care for the environment, projection of shared well-being and commitment to high levels of social responsibility are the distinguishing features of our company, created with an eye to the future and the generations to come.


Considering the environment, appreciating its nuances. Distinguishing its colours, movements and facets. Active contemplation, giving rise to tools that, in addition to their functionality, also speak of beauty. Designing shapes, giving them tangible form, adapting them to expectations of practicality and well-being. Studying materials and their essence, driving research forward towards new solutions.


To design, produce and sell eco-compatible products for environmental safeguarding, sorted waste collection and recycling, that are useful for consumers, and also easy to handle for those on the front line.

Registered office and Centre of operations:

Via Linussio, 80 – ZIU - Zona Industriale Udinese
I-33100 Udine