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Not just a simple shelter but an elegant housing unit in a high quality finish.

The discreet and practical BIOX enhances the look and functionality of areas set aside for sorted-waste collection.

Wheeled containers, for mechanised emptying in accordance with EN 840 standard, are placed inside.

The top lid facilitates controlled insertion of the waste. BIOX can be placed in the communal areas of apartment blocks or on the street, anchored to the ground and arranged in rows due to its square shape.

The BIOX series is also available in the smart BIOX 4.0 version with access control.

  • housing unit in galvanized sheet steel coated with heavy-metal free epoxy powders 
  • lid shaped with a sloping angle to allow water to run off and to prevent setting the waste on it
  • soft-closing charging lid, opened upward by acting on a front handle
  • front door with concealed hinges and lock with triangular key
  • base with adjustable rubber feet or fited for fastening to the ground 
  • high-quality finish in antique marble brown as  standard  
  • external foot pedal or integrated foot pedal
  • optional hand lever for disabled people
BIOX 240L AS free open top240L
720 mm
1320 mm
850 mm
BIOX 360L AS free open top360L
760 mm
1400 mm
940 mm
BIOX 360L ASV volumetric open top360L
760 mm
1400 mm
940 mm
BIOX 360L AFV volumetric pull down aperture360L
820 mm
1780 mm
1000 mm
BIOX 770L AFV volumetric pull down aperture770L
1540 mm
1780 mm
1000 mm
BIOX 1100L AFV volumetric pull down aperture1100L
1540 mm
1780 mm
1200 mm
Non disperdere

BIOX is an elegant housing unit with top quality finishes, ideal for placing in urban environments, especially in old town centres.

Wheeled containers, for mechanised emptying in accordance with EN 840 standard, can be placed inside.

The BIOX line stands out for the curvature of the top which gives it a particular elegance.

The  lid is shaped with a sloping angle to allow rainwater to run off and prevent improper placement of waste.

BIOX with 4.0 technology is available in different models and variables.

The access control devices in the BIOX series lead themselves to co-designing and customisation for the most demanding settings.

Discover our Smart waste collection systems.

The BIOX line - with or without control access - is available with external foot pedal,  hand lever for disabled people or with an integrated foot pedal for minimal visual impact and greater protection against impacts, as shown in the picture.



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