Perfect, precise proportions are the key to the design of the new headquarters in Udine. A building of outstanding lightness, that speaks of the soul of this company, and of its philosophy. Spaces arranged over two floors, in harmony with the surrounding environment, where light is the generous host. The ground floor houses an exhibition of products and spaces for social aggregation, while the first floor is reserved for offices.

Enveloped in an elegant anthracite structure, the new building is a paradigm of the best energy-saving construction techniques. The large windows reflect the sun's shifting path, establishing a new relationship between indoors and out. The interiors flow uninterrupted, allowing the eye a clear, unobstructed view; the transparent walls modulate the rooms, making the division between different spaces intangible.

For a company that has such a close relationship with nature, what better way to express this tie than by using the very elements that nature offers? And indeed, the sun itself is the main motor of the photovoltaic system, which covers the entire logistics block and enables the building to be completely self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption, determining a positive overall balance in favour of the local and global environment.
Mattiussi Ecologia can now enjoy a building of excellent quality, as regards both its architecture and its technological installations and systems, characterised by maximum energy saving, optimal comfort levels and limited environmental impact, with landscaping work to optimize the surrounding area.