The new Mattiussi Ecologia website is online


Six years after the launch of the previous website, which provided already a great deal of education and plenty of inspiration, once again Mattiussi Ecologia is starting the communication, form and substance ball rolling.

The result of the work of a close-knit team - comprising Studio Deperu for the graphics and Spider4Web for the construction of the portal - the website is presented as a manifesto of the Company’s Vision and Mission geared towards the new way of understanding business and the market, whilst providing an operational and working tool for partners who, in different capacities, co-operate and participate in corporate action.

The website, organised and optimised for optimal rendering on desktop or mobile devices and featuring innovative transitions and animations, allows the Company to be approached from four main perspectives: corporate and institutional, product, system integration and design capacity.

These four pillars are in fact the foundation of the innovative drive within Mattiussi Ecologia, thus translating into a completely new and synergistic approach to markets, territories, stakeholders and industry operators.

News, Case Histories and insights concerning products complement and complete an experience we invite everyone to engage in and share!


For more information feel free to contact us.