Also the Mattiussi Ecologia glass recycling banks are now the focus of an interesting project in Italy´s capital city to create an open-air urban art gallery centered on transforming glass recycling banks into works of street art.

The GAU – Urban Art Galleries – Project began in 2017 under the curatorship of Alessandra Muschella. This project aims to introduce a model of urban redevelopment able to inspire beauty and functionality through the work of the most important street artists on the national scene, and apply it to an object we use on an everyday basis, recycling banks for the collection of glass.

The Goldstein Project Cultural Association along with the GAU - Urban Art Galleries – Project for 2024 has received a financial contribution from SIAE – New Works relating to the program For Those Who Create” (2023 Edition) with the GAU – Cinema project.

The GAU - Urban Art Galleries - Project, which is in its seventh edition, has enabled over 150 artist´s glass recycling banks to be created in Rome´s districts of Centocelle, Alessandrino, Torpignattara, Baldo Degli Ubaldi, Valle Aurelia, Gregorio VII, Boccea and is set to produce new works around the Tuscolano neighborhood, on the theme of the cinema.

The Goldstein Project Cultural Association proposes a strategy aimed at promoting urban art and safeguarding the urban heritage of cities; the objective is to protect against vandalism and also to recognize street art as an expression of urban art in its own right.

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