Presenting zerømax: the innovative bin with spherical base


The satisfaction at Mattiussi Ecologia is palpable, as once again the Company based in Friuli has succeeded in producing innovation and vision within a context that is often considered mature and not perfectible. 

Hence the principle that led to the design of this innovative type of bin, the prime mover of this innovative drive, was reduction of the environmental impact of waste collection. 

In particular, we focussed on the impact produced by food waste collection, a supply chain that has always been problematic and at the same time significantly impacted the volumes handled within a waste collection project. 

The result of the evaluations, research, interviews, considerations and technical and operational exchanges with the people directly involved in this sector is today the zerømax system and the proposed value that this product adds to the already extensive Mattiussi Ecologia range. 

zerømax embodies all Mattiussi Ecologia’s experience and know-how within a system that consistently has a strong propensity for listening and incorporating inputs from the markets in which the Company has been accustomed to operating, for almost forty years. 

The zerømax concept on the other hand demonstrate that improvement must be a fundamental part and a constant aspiration for a Company that bases its business and its footprint on the long term, on durability and on innovation of its proposals. 

In the areas where zerømax will be implemented, it will also be able to absorb the old obsolete bins supplied to users and give them a new life by recuperating the plastic they are made of, following the principle of full circularity… which is its raison être.


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