FÓRUM RESÍDUOS in Lisbon, 27-28 November 2023


Mattiussi Ecologia was present from 27 till 28 November in Lisbon at the 17. edition of FÓRUM RESÍDUOS.

The conference was the occasion to present the NEXT40 initiative, a consideration on the 40 years of research and innovation that have accompanied us since Mattiussi Ecologia started in 1983 and that aim to provide a tool to consider the future of sorted waste collection.

With NEXT40 we address the urgency a sustainable future imposes on our consciences: asserting the concepts of a circular economy is a challenge that no one can shy away from.

Let’s look back together at forty years of success at Mattiussi Ecologia to understand how iconic products such as Composter, Minimax, Easy Trolley, Zerømax and Biox have shaped the standards of sorted waste collection, while offering insights into an innovative vision applied to new integrated systems

FÓRUM RESÍDUOS in Lisbon to share the future of the Portuguese waste sorting market! 


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