IFAT 2024 - 13-17 May in Munich


Mattiussi Ecologia´s historic participation at IFAT in Munich was renewed again this year from 13 to 17 May 2024 and focussed once again on NEXT40, the initiative launched by the Company on the occasion of its fortieth anniversary last year. 

The NEXT40 initiative traces the pillars that have always characterized Mattiussi Ecologia’s activity: innovation with a strong eco-design imprint, development of conceptually revolutionary products, strategic role as a trendsetter on the market, attention to ergonomics for end users and operators, cutting-edge approach in integrated systems. 

IFAT 2024 provided the opportunity to showcase the latest developments in the field of waste presorting solutions with focus on two fractions currently in the spotlight like food waste and packaging waste.

Focus at IFAT 2024 on how to improve the quality of food waste

Zerømax has been once again at the forefront in the Mattiussi Ecologia’s waste presorting range. The concept of this product family lies in a spherical base that facilitates emptying and cleaning and allows for example food waste to be collected directly, also without the use of bags.

A recent large-scale pilot study (BabbA) of the well-known Germany-based research organization Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Tecnology ICT in collaboration with the University of Bayreuth, the University of Hohenheim and BEM Umweltservice GmbH resulted in a recommendation not to use biodegradable organic waste bags to avoid micro- and nanoplastics as they could make their way into the environment through compost.

A milestone in the home composting’s development, the Composter series was massively present at the Mattiussi Ecologia’s stand at IFAT 2024. Eco-design turns since ever Mattiussi Ecologia models into revolutionary garden furniture elements, far removed from anachronistic conventional composters.

From Composter 660 (shown in the video) to the Composters 300 and 310, a niche hobby activity has been transformed by Mattiussi Ecologia into a practice for recycling food and green waste, establishing itself both in name and in practice as a benchmark in the field.

Mattiussi Ecologia has always promoted the value of ergonomics in eco-design

Example of this approach is Easy Trolley. This innovative European patent best expresses this concept: wheels and an extended “trolley” type handle, a grip handle for a balanced hold and front comb for mechanical emptying.

Mattiussi Ecologia is fully aware that there is no single ideal solution to presorted waste collection: every situation faces a multitude of different needs.


IFAT 2024 has been therefore also the occasion to share with partners and visitors the need of evaluating integrated food waste collection systems. 

The approach of a system integration starts from small-sized kitchen food waste caddies (Minimax and Umimax) - the widest range of food waste caddies actually available on the market - up to larger door-to-door solutions (Minimax and Zerømax), from street containers with access control (Smart MGB) up to the aesthetically appealing and technologically cutting edge Biox line for introducing PAYT charging.


IFAT 2024, Hall A5, Stand 333


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