From Fair to Fair: developing added value


Preparing and successfully completing two trade fair events in the space of a year is an undertaking activity that pervades and involves all areas of the Company, causing us to join forces and work even harder to guarantee the high quality standards our partners are accustomed to. It is not a simple or easy job though it gives a great deal of satisfaction.

Providing a summary of everything is not easy either. It is not easy, especially for a Company like ours, which has recently come up with some unique, innovative and ground-breaking activities, in order to create added value.

And it is precisely this added value that will be on display at the Trade Fair in Rimini, which risks having to compete in terms of visibility with contingent issues and cause for apprehension for the players in the industry at all levels.

Raw materials, energy supplies, uncertainties over the short term, extensions of contracts, price reviews… disruptive elements that we are all faced with, every day, and that we have to deal with.

The trade fair therefore represents – today more than ever – an opportunity to stop, take a deep breath and look ahead. This is why over the past few months we have worked hard and quietly.

To take to Ecomondo the most innovative presorting bin of the last 10 years, capable of – it has to be said – revolutionising the very foundations of recycling.

To take to Ecomondo a truly integrated system: featuring friendly technology, open data and smart integration.

To take to Ecomondo the experience, portfolio and case histories that enable us to sit side by side with our partners and build a partnership that has real capacity for design, operations and performance.

To take to Ecomondo an opportunity for exchange, co-designing and taking reciprocal advantage of our strengths.

To take to Ecomondo our Added Value.

We will be delighted to meet you in Hall A5, Stand 168!


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