EYOF 2023


Mattiussi Ecologia organised the setting up of waste recycling collection points in the 12 competition venues at the recent EYOF – EUROPEAN YOUTH OLYMPIC FESTIVAL.

Skilfully organised by Italy, Slovenia and Austria, the event saw young athletes from all over Europe compete in an atmosphere of peaceful participation and sharing, under the guidance of important values of inclusion, sustainability and sportsmanship.

One of the festival’s claims lay in the concept of “Sustainability a key to happiness” and precisely on this issue Mattiussi Ecologia represented a unique blend of consistency and example for young people.

Indeed, designing their bins taking into account their carbon footprint at all stages of production, manufacturing them in the heart of the Friulian mountains, giving an often fragile economy hope and vision, and lastly, paying attention to the ergonomic aspects of the interactions of people – even the most fragile – with their equipment, Mattiussi Ecologia has for 40 years been researching solutions to make sorted waste collection simple, effective and accessible to everyone.

The sharing of values, vision and mission takes this partnership to a higher level: to provide an inspiration for generations to come, emphasising and fostering an attitude to excel in sport and excel in life.


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