CREATable RESOURCES – NEXT40 is a challenge to envisage the next 40 years of presorted waste collection within the broader concept of a circular resource economy.

With the global objectives of mitigating climate change and protecting the environment, increasing the quantity and quality of materials dedicated for recycling is a challenge that no one can shy away from.

Within this context, Mattiussi Ecologia is asking young eco-friendly designers to envisage the future of presorting household waste in the home, in order to improve its perception among residents and their propensity to do it, as well as support its effectiveness. Imagining the home of the future, with sustainability and technology in settings where space is increasingly limited, the aim is to design a new product for home living able to combine design, functionality, technology and sustainability.


Under the Patronage of
ADI – Association for industrial design
Friuli Venezia Giulia delegation


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