ANCI-COREVE Call for Proposals


The ANCI-COREVE call for proposals is a fundamental, forward-looking, structural tool to boost – and in many cases activate – the effective collection of sorted glass.

The call for proposals provides considerable allocations and a territorial distribution that supports the different experiences and specific equipment facilities of different areas, offering a significant portion of co-financing, 70% of eligible expenses up to a maximum amount – inclusive of VAT - of 100,000 € for each project.

The Mattiussi Ecologia System Proposal

Mattiussi Ecologia has interpreted this opportunity by systematically addressing, with its partners and customers, additional issues that are fundamental to managing glass collection.

In particular, attention has been focussed on three aspects:

- protection of users and operators when handling a material with such a high impact
- the need to collect significant volumes in clean and safe conditions
- the possibility to manage access control systems and fill levels.

This has resulted in an elaborate proposal, already designed and modularised to be incorporated and managed on a project basis, both in terms of its technical characteristics and with regard to customisation and equipment facilities.

Based on initial feedback from our partners and from financed projects, the solutions that led the way were those – both individually and as an integrated system – relating to:

Easy Trolley

Easy Trolley

Ergonomic trolley-type containers, with larger handles, casters and comb attachment.



Kerbside bell containers with different types of finishes and fittings.

The Consortium website fully explains all the details for participating in the call for proposals and can be reached through this link: BANDO ANCI-CoReVe 


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