Design has always played a decisive role in what we represent and seek to represent.
Form and substance are combined in a product for which aesthetics and functionality are the major drivers, seeking not merely to produce rational, environment-friendly tools, but also striving to create products that can improve what nature alone cannot generate. This objective is achieved through the close relationship binding creativity with the constancy of the values that drive us.

OLIMAX / ADI Design Index 2014

For many years we have established winning collaborations with architects and successful interpreters of Italian design. The passion we share for the aesthetic interpretation, ergonomics and practicality has enabled us to develop innovative solutions that are respectful of people and the environment.
It is thanks to this kind of interaction that COMPOSTER 660, designed by “Decoma Design” and OLIMAX, designed by Luisangelo Cozza, were nominated by ADI (the Italian Industrial Design Association) for the “Compasso d’Oro” award, one of the biggest acknowledgements in the Italian design world. NX 01, My Personal Recycler for presorting waste under-your-desk, was awarded the Green Good Design Award in 2015.

COMPOSTER 660/ ADI Design Index 2001

We believe in the importance of design as a tool with which to raise environmental awareness in individuals and in the community as a whole. Offering more suitable equipment can persuade even serious sceptics that waste constitutes a new resource.