December 2020 saw the inauguration in Turin of GREEN PEA, the first Green Retail Park in the world dedicated to Respect, the new entrepreneurial project of Oscar Farinetti.  

Green Pea bases its mission on valuing companies and products founded on sustainability, with a particular focus on Italian enterprises recognised worldwide for the quality of their product but also, and more importantly, for the attention they pay to the sustainability of their companies and production chains. 

Green Pea starts out from Italy but embodies a strong vocation and an ambitious international development plan, acting as a guarantor of the sustainable quality that first-rate companies are able to offer. 

In order to pursue its own coherent dialogue with the public and stakeholders, Green Pea sought to combine futuristic building solutions – such as the wide use of renewable forms of energy, geothermal, photovoltaic, innovative piezoelectric floors and wood recuperated from the areas affected by Storm Vaia as well as historic timber, such as elm recovered from old Piedmontese mountain dairies – with an organised and orderly system of waste sorting, which at the same time would enhance and integrate with the structure’s sophisticated design. 

As Raffaele Fratto, Chief Operating Officer of Green Pea explains “Green Pea is a manifestation of ideas for a sustainable future and, starting with the building, is a manifesto on its own right. Every detail of the building has been studied by our architects, planners and consultants to render our ideas tangible and inviting: Respect for Nature and People are at the heart of everything. This is why we carefully selected our Partners, people who share our ideals and help us achieve them, day by day.” 

Moreover, the waste collection system had to accompany the user from the wide spacious forecourt that surrounds the building, creating a usable space where people can congregate and socialise, through the communal areas on the five exhibition and retail floors to the back offices reserved for staff, guaranteeing immediate recognisability, easy identification of waste types and simple methods of disposal. 

And with the help of E.R.I.C.A., a company specialised in planning, offering advice and communicating on the issue of waste sorting, Mattiussi Ecologia has been acknowledged and chosen as a market reference, not only for the technical features, design and construction quality of its solutions, but more importantly because the Company’s entire mission is focused on sustainability. 

So starting from the solutions that Mattiussi Ecologia develops for various uses, we created the best combination of products to construct an integrated waste collection pathway. 

Choice of products

Choice of products

The choice once again fell on the elegant, multifunctional Mecorá bin for outdoor spaces.

Steel-One (in the picture) for communal areas, due to its ability to accommodate large volumes in very little space and its distinctive modern shape.

The eco-sustainable Cart-One range for sorted waste collection in staff-only areas and the collection of gloves and masks.

Through to the precious NX line to grace the areas set aside for architecture studios present in the building.

In addition to the Company’s distinctive ability to develop integrated waste collection systems, on large and small scales, and its forty years of experience and acknowledged manufacturing quality, what led Green Pea to choose Mattiussi Ecologia was precisely the concept of sustainability, the founding value of the project.

Environmental sustainability, first and foremost: the use of recycled raw materials, completely recyclable products, environmental certifications and a company headquarters for the most part self sufficient thanks to cutting edge design and system solutions.

Focus on packaging solutions, optimisation of logistics and transport and a trend towards consistent reduction in Carbon footprint are elements on which Mattiussi Ecologia’s operations are based.

Social sustainability, an added value that makes a difference: the Company in fact oversees the entire production chain, from the research and development of products through to meticulous manufacturing and uses certified logistics partners oriented towards reducing emissions.

The choice, moreover, to maintain the brain behind the project, the design and on-going product improvement in Italy, despite the Group’s international vocation, and again, the will and determination to maintain manufacturing in the heart of the Friuli’s mountains, supporting an important economic eco-system, are a further testimony to how important it is to tread the Earth lightly whilst being pragmatic and strong in our intentions and values.

It will be a 360 degree partnership, with joint actions at training and information level, initiatives dedicated to schools and the promotion of critical consumption, as well as interaction and synergies with the other large Groups taking part in the project, in order to achieve the objectives of exporting not only the excellence of Italian products but also best practices, ideas and innovation, which represent the future of sustainable growth.


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