SAE Recycling with ColorYourCity

SAE Recycling has recently launched a brilliant communication campaign with our RE-POINT, a shelter system developed over the years for the collection of different waste streams that has quickly become a reference in several areas for large, high-traffic spaces such as stations, airports, universities, public parks and shopping centres.

The particular design of the module, the wide variety of bright, characteristic colours it can be customised in and its technical anti-intrusion features have captured the attention of SAE Recycling, a company specialised in the recovery of spent oils and a partner for major national and international organisations with corporate policies based on environmental impact, social commitment and safety.

A group of enthusiastic, efficient young people took part in bringing local areas to life using fascinating images and engaging slogans, including personally manning brightly decorated info points to provide information and raise awareness amongst the public.

This initiative introduced many elements of innovative communication, method and concept which, under the definition “ColorYourCity” succeeded in drawing together civic culture, consideration for the environment and sustainable waste collection: a number of towns and cities have already signed up to the project and many will do so in the near future… and these activities are just the beginning of its development.


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