BIOX 4.0

BIOX 4.0 is a family of smart containers with access control and remote data management. Real pieces of urban furniture, capable of fulfilling specific collection functions, while improving the functionality and decorum of the areas where they are placed, such as historic centers or places of high artistic value. Inside, they hold the wheeled containers that are suitable for mechanical emptying in compliance with the EN 840 standard.
BIOX 4.0 transmits data on usage, fill level, battery charge level, the internal temperature and any anomalies to a web portal to enable the management and monitoring of collection activities. The portal allows these data to be integrated with those coming from other waste containers for statistical purposes or to implement pay-as-you-throw billing.
  • Discreet containers with an elegant look, ideal for the urban environment and above all for historic centers. 
  • Access control to avoid indiscriminate use, prevent contamination and encourage users to sort waste accurately. 
  • Potential to implement pay-as-you-throw billing systems and integrate similar systems in use with other types of containers, especially those for door-to-door sorted waste collection. 
  • Ideal to manage sorted waste collection in tourist places. Limiting use to a specific list of users discourages “waste tourism” with considerable cost savings. 
  • Thanks to a fill-level sensor, it is possible to optimize waste collection routes.
  • Users are not obliged to follow a collection calendar. 
  • Transparency and reliability of pay-as-you-throw billing, based on the actual quantity of waste produced. 
  • Decor of the urban areas dedicated to waste collection thanks to the aesthetic qualities of the container.


  • Uso 3
  • Uso 5
  • Uso 4
  • Uso 2
  • Uso 1



  • L 360 1100

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